We're committed to Quality

Quality is something we don’t treat lightly. In fact it’s our highest priority. At Vesco, we are committed to the highest applicable industry standards for food manufacturing. We have spent a great deal of time implementing our unrivalled quality control standards to ensure the food we manufacture will always be nutritious and safe for consumption. 

Our partners and customers want the very best. So do we. That’s why we are forever reviewing our processes and services and raising our standards to improve efficiency and increase quality. At our Perth and Brisbane facilities, we operate a comprehensive food safety and quality management program, and follow the strictest of guidelines so that we not only exceed expectations, but also set a benchmark in the industry. 

Vesco Foods holds the following accreditations:

Vesco Foods in WA:

Vesco Foods in Queensland:

 In addition to these accreditations, Vesco Foods implements stringent independent quality control measures, including:

  • Material supplier selection and approval 
  • Inspection, analysis and traceability of delivered raw material
  • Accurate recipe assembly and consistent mixing
  • Monitoring of the cooking process with in-process specifications
  • Correct packaging verification and tracking
  • Laboratory analysis of individual ingredients and finished products
  • Sensory assessments for appearance, aroma, texture and flavour
  • Warehouse inventory management with full traceability of ingredients and finished products